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Same owner & location for Over 15 Years!

About Us


We are Reidy Creek Outdoor Storage in N. Escondido.   We offer outdoor, uncovered parking/storage for an RV, trailer, vehicle, boat, bus, or even equipment & tractors.   We are a mile east of I-15 & 4.5 miles north of Highway 78, off Broadway.   Our family has lived on that property for 35 years, doing RV storage for 15 years, serving about 85 RV customers. 


AMENITIES  1.5 acres of slots,   24/7 access,   Level,   13′ wide slots [9′ RV + 2′ on each side],   Hidden/Secure,   We are available 24/7 via text & email [see bottom, but we do sleep].  — No lodging, working, or loitering on property. —  


LOT SECURITY  Our son & security cameras are on-site,   the RV’s cannot be seen from the main road [but can be seen from owner’s house],   the lot is off a cul-de-sac at the end of a 2-mile dead-end road,   it’s difficult to find w/o directions,   no vehicle/trailer theft in 15 years.


TAKE A LOOK  Feel free to swing by and have a look first.  Text or call for which slots are available. (address & text at bottom).  


APPLY ONLINE  The entire signup process is done online and might be done within an hour [if all required info is provided].  We must verify proper information before the RV is parked on our lot.   


IF NO AVAILABILITY  Then call or text the number below to be put on our waiting list.

Pricing & Availability

Space Length Spaces Available Monthly Rate
Up to 15' Space
15' - 30' Space
30' - 40' Space
40' - 50' Space

Complete The Application to Start Renting

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

RENT  is month to month, paid in advance.  It is a minimum of 1 full month, due by the anniversary date of your 1st rental day.  All monthly payments are automatically charged to your credit/debit card.  For a 2nd item in same slot, there is an additional one-time $50 administration fee.  All payments are made via Square on credit card or ACH bank transfer.  Your card info is saved there; we can not access it.


SECURITY DEPOSIT  is a one-time, fully refundable¹ fee, equal to at least 3 full month’s rent [subject to condition of stored item regardless of age².  Boats are = to 4+ mo. rent].  All unused¹ deposit & rent is returned about 2 wks after vacating the slot.  We require a minimum 2 week advanced ‘Notice to Vacate’ to refund your full unused rent.                      ¹If account is current.         ²Questionable condition of stored item may increase deposit to as much as $900 [but you will receive it all back after vacating if your account is current] or eliminate it’s acceptance on our lot.


WE DO NOT HOLD SLOTS  The only way to secure a slot is to begin renting it.  Available slots are on a ‘first come³ = first served’ basis.   If there’s currently no vacancy, a refundable deposit (equal to 1 month rent) will guarantee the next slot.                                ³[with rent payment]   



[1Current registration.  If not available yet, proof of current ownership via it’s recent purchase-invoice, bill of sale, & DMV Transfer form.    If you’re not the registered owner, include a signed letter from the owner giving you authorization to act on their behalf with the RV, along with a photo of their driver’s license.  The more documentation the better.

[2]  Driver’s license of registered owner  [personal ID verification for the agreement]

[3]  Proof of Insurance

[4]  At least ²pictures/angles of its exterior [including license plate, rear & one side, the 2nd pic of the front & other side] and 2 pics of its interior.


VALIDATION OF APPLICATION MAY TAKE A FEW DAYS  Please send all your documentation a few days BEFORE you wish to bring your RV.  All documents, photos, and payment must be verified BEFORE the RV is stored on our lot.

NEXT STEPS AFTER APPLICATION IS SENT  After the application is received, we will email our 2-page contract [typically w/in 24 hrs] for the registered owner’s signature. [If that’s not you, sign it but follow #1b above.]

Once that is received, we will send two invoices; one for the security deposit [& the 2nd item fee if it applies] and the other for the 1st monthly rent payment.  This is done via Square.  They, not us, will securely keep your card info on file [when you check their box] for the future automatic monthly payments. When those payments are received, we will forward you detailed directions to your slot [or slots – if there is more than one to choose from].


TAKE WHAT’S AVAILABLE, & MOVE LATER  A shorter/cheaper slot may not be currently available.  You might consider taking a larger slot [if one is available] and move to a shorter/cheaper slot when one opens up.


LOT SURFACE  The access road and one lot is on crushed asphalt, the other is dirt.  When it rains several days, it gets a bit slick…best simply avoid those days.  


VALET PARKING  We may be able to offer valet parking [we will back your trailer in for you].  Call to coordinate a time & price.

UNANSWERED QUESTIONS  PLEASE text them [or call if urgent] and we’ll answer ASAP & try to add them here soon.